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As in the design of any facility, the role of the architect or interior designer when developing drawings for communications environments is to first discover the client’s business needs, then translate these needs into a physical environment. The goal is to create architectural designs that soar and delight the viewer, and to combine these aesthetic aspirations with a design that promotes ease of use, integrated communications technology and functionality. A room, a building or an integrated campus must take into account the acoustic, visual and communications needs of every user or occupant. For the architect, that means choosing or changing room dimensions, ceiling heights and lighting levels to provide good sight lines and acoustics for every seat in the room. Architects now find they need to pay attention to details such as:

Ensuring walls are adequately insulated to seal the room from outside noise.
Choosing appropriate drapes and shades to achieve the necessary level of darkness for presentation viewing.
Addressing controls for lighting levels to build in flexibility for different styles of presentation.
Designing ceilings that are high enough to achieve desired screen heights while leaving enough room for heating and ventilation systems.
Modifying standard furniture or designing custom furniture to accommodate AV and IT connectivity and equipment integration.
Making design choices that support the client’s image while meeting a room’s acoustical and lighting needs.

This is where an AV Service Provider (AVSP) comes in. An AVSP, such as an AV Design Consultant (AVDC) or AV Systems Integrator (AVSI), works in concert with the architect to develop communications and presentation environments from the inception of the project. Since architects and designers may not have expertise in AV technology, acoustics, lighting or mechanical systems, AV experts can serve as a key resource in the design team.

AV experts are able to help clients identify the true costs of technology, eliminating potential for redesigns and facilitating coordination among the various design team members.

We at Innovative help our clients to understand and purchase the Audio, Video, Lighting and Touch Panel Control Technologies which are easy to use and economic to own.

Our Design Team is lead by Mr. Ratnesh Javeri who is India’s first Certified Technology Specialist in Design (CTS-D) professional, which is a select group of only 13 in Asia Pacific and 300 in the entire world. These are proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of education. Hiring a CTS-D Certified professional gives you peace of mind—and the finest electronics design and installation. Your Installation deserves nothing less. You can trust Team Innovative with audio, video, Lighting and touch panel control system.

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